Macro Nutrition – Iso-Synth, Product Packaging

Newly added To Portfolio, Macro-Nutrition Product Packaging Created for Sheridan College.  Product Design, Graphic Design, Technical Illustration.

Full product concept.  Macro Nutrition – Container concept modeled in Bonzai 3D, graphic wrap created in Illustrator and Photoshop.

This started as an assignment to develop product packaging for an idea that focused on 3 Flavors.  I decided to develop a concept for a Nutritional company, creating the Full Branding image.  From the Logo’s, Products, Flavours & Containers.  A lot of reference was placed towards pre-existing Health & Wellness companies, mainly the MuscleTech & Optimum Nutriton brands.  They’re designs are pretty fresh and up to date compared to a few of the lesser known brands.  After I had my reference material, I went into creating the container  – which was pretty simple. The container was designed so the lids would cup the next container that sat above it, Creating a more balanced display when placed in a store setting.  There also was some thought put into the inside of the container that showcased how the protein would have been dispersed for a mixed container.  Something that I haven’t seen done yet.  (I’ll update the gallery with a photo of this example shortly).  After I completely this stage I created the logo and decided on the flavours for the proteins.  The fruits were created in Illustrator & Photoshop and then placed onto a rough design of the label which I knew would wrap around the containers.  A little bit of graphic design & it was ready to be mapped onto the 3D model & rendered out.